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Like putting up your own window curtains & as well as have additional shelf space? Our curtain shelf brackets impart wrought iron’s rugged, rustic style with their decorative silhouettes as well as provide durable shelving.

Our beautiful Curtain Shelf Brackets are stylish & durable. Great for do-it-yourself shelving projects, these rugged, Primitive Country Rustic shelf brackets are as durable as they’re decorative. These curtain brackets feature silhouetted roosters, providing a great finishing accent to any Primitive Country Rustic themed room. The industry standard 1.00″ x 6.00″ milled wooden board will fit this Curtain Shelf Bracket. Neither curtain rod nor wooden shelf is included when ordering these brackets. These shelves are also a great gift for a friend who not only likes Primitive Country Rustic decor & but does their own decorating.


  • Made with wrought iron for durability & sold as a pair
  • These curtain shelf brackets feature decorative silhouetted roosters
  • Great for adding shelf space over a window for added functionality
  • Curtain rod & wooden shelf not included
  • The industry standard 1.00″ x 6.00″ milled wooden board will fit this curtain shelf bracket
  • Quantities are limited

Dimensions: Curtain Shelf Brackets

  • 4.75″ W
  • 7.50″ H
  • 6.25″ D
  • Silhouette: 2.50″ W X 3.125″H

Impart black wrought iron’s sturdy, rustic look to your windows with these wrought iron curtain shelf brackets! Their decorative silhouettes add extra flair to your room’s decor.

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